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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic 7: Maestro Mod
Might & Magic 7: Maestro MOD
Written by Evgeny Voronov   



Maestro Mod for Might and Magic VII is based on original Rev4modR1 by BDJ and includes all his developments.


Improvements provided by Maestro Mod:


- New graphics
- 5 new races replacing old ones (drows, humans, drakes, high elves, orcs).
- New armor
- All items changed
- All creatures changed, modified and tweaked, many of them got summoning spells, new skills and resistances.
- All 9 classes are changed and gained their unique builds.
- Many other little changes.


From BDJ's MMRev4modR1 we've got:

- New quests
- Changed storyline
- New locations, changed non-used old ones
- Mini-bosses
- Dual class system. You can swap you class and learn new skills!



Higher resolution and better textures:

1) Unpack into main game folder.

2) Run mmt_d3d_screen.bat - and you will patch the game under 1024x768. If you need another resolution - open BAT file with TXT editor and change numbers to whatever you want! Do not forget to make a copy of MM7.EXE before starting any manipulations.
3) Now you can play MM7 and MODs in higher resolution.
4) If you want to use better textures, use mmt_d3d_textures.bat. This patch works only with original MM7!!! In my MOD patch will occur you to meet invisible monstes! So use this file BEFORE you install the Maestro Mod.
5) If you converted the textures - you can then install and play the MOD.
6) Be sure your computer is strong enough! Bigger textures require a lot of memory to run properly. Probably you will need 512 or even 1024mb RAM to set things fine.


Installation Instructions included inside patch archive too!



maestro_mod_final.exe (161 Mb, 7zip self-extract archive, exe) (69.7 Mb - "zip" archive, russian translation, special thanks to autor Michael "IRS-7", for pass questions etc. write to forum) (RUS)

maestro_mod_final.7z (download 7zip archive mirror on Mod Database)

patch_2.7.1 (84 Kb - meteor shower fix)

improved_classes_patch (3,77 Mb - only for those who don't have new_class.exe working properly, more info provided on the link)



Attention !

Watch patches by GreyFace, if you have any problems with work of addon or original game (and without addon too).


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