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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic 7: Augmentation (0.1a)
Might and Magic 7: Augmentation (0.1a)


Might & Magic VII: Augmentation




"Augmentation 0.1a" by Maestro for Might and Magic 7. This modification is a monumental author's reinterpretation and rework of MM7, a fan HD remake, if you wish, and the basis for future innovations. Almost all graphics have been redesigned - the ground textures have become high quality full-color and huge, all mobs in the game have been carefully redrawn and changed. Many creatures have learned new tricks and attacks. Redesigned the class system to make the game more diverse. The decor has been redesigned - the plants have now become animated! Of course, this is not MM8.5, but there are (or will be) used developments from that not completed mod. This is the first version open for public testing, there may be errors in it. A big request to write about them in the appropriate sections in VK or celestialheavens. The mod release is timed to coincide with Maestro's birthday. All the best to him, and great enjoyment to you with this mod! Many thanks to Grayface - without him the release of this mod would not be possible.




1. Install original Might and Magic 7.

2. Install GrayFace's patch final version.

3. Unpack archive into installed game folder. Overwrite files if needed.

4. Make changes to MM7.ini for a more juicy picture, see the attached JPG file

5. Start a new game (recommended).


Might & Magic VII: Augmentation v0.1a (2,157 Gb - "zip" archive)

Might & Magic VII: Augmentation (ENG addon) (4,95 Mb - "zip" archive) - mob names and interface menus will be in English. for the Russian language, this addon does not need to be downloaded!






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