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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic 6: The Chaos Conspiracy Redone
Might & Magic 6: The Chaos Conspiracy. Redone
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


Might & Magic VI: The Chaos Conspiracy

(redone by David Hernandez)



The Chaos Conspiracy Redone by David Hernandez is a masterfully crafted add-on for the TCC (The Chaos Conspiracy) mod. Including graphic works of the Maestro, it also brings a lot to the game.

Cities in Nimradur are becoming more alive - there are green spaces, shops, buildings. Two cities were added in the final regions, where the heroes will find shelter from bloodthirsty monsters.
Six new quests that organically fit into the world of mod.
Redrawn helmets, shields and some other things, models, sprites and textures, a new schedule of ships and crews, and many other changes will definitely not leave you indifferent. This add-on is perfect for both those who will go through the TCC mod for the second time, and those who first get acquainted with the world of Nimradur.

The Chaos Conspiracy is a fantasy/adventure game that uses the original Might and Magic VI game engine and map world. The adventure takes place in the vast world of Nimradur; a land of diverse topology, realms, populations, myths, customs, and ‘creatures’. The central game plot is unique, unfolds in nine ‘chapters’, and is supported by a plethora of local challenges. In the Part 1 you will travel along the same world as original "Might and Magic 6" but then, in Part 2, you will find completly new world, crafted especially for TCC universe.

You will discover a legend about world creation, will know mysteries, will reveal conspiracy of mighty enemies and fight a Lord of Chaos himself.


English version


1. Do a clean installaion of Might & Magic VI CD or GoG version (not included).
2. Install MMEditor and MMExtension2.2 in any order (included).
3. Install the Original "The Chaos Conspiracy" (included). Overwrite all files.
4. Install GrayFace Patch.
5. Run Game. You will get a message that MMExtension is about to generate text tables. You need to wait about two to three minutes. When the MMExtension is finished, exit. Do not create party.
6. Install "The Chaos Conspiracy  Redone" the same way as the original. Place the following folders into the "Might and Magic VI" folder. Overwrite all files (ANIMS,DATA,Scripts,Music,and SOUNDS). Run the game and wait again for MMExtension. If the Music folder is not created place the one included into the "Might and Magic VI" folder. You have the option to play mp3 or wav. Have fun.



TheChaosConspiracy Redone Repack - english version (1,13 Gb - zip archive)




Watch patches from GreyFace, if you have any problems with this addon or original game (or without it).





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