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Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Addons HD Mod HW rules (for HeroesWorld matches)
Heroes 3: HW rules mod for HeroesWorld games (1.40)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


HW rules Mod (1.40) for Heroes 3 games

on HeroesWorld, HDMod based

(For versions: SoD / Complete, HotA)



Features list:
+ the option to dig Grail is disabled till 2nd month

+ expert necromancy by Isra and Vidomina can be chosen onlHow does it work - expert necromancy is removed at earlier level-ups from the dialog, so actually you get only one skill to choose.

+ in prisons they also get expert necromancy only as the last skill. so if there is a hero 10th or 20th level, you can use it freely after opening a prison.

+ the art "cloak of the dead king" changes it's ability, and now rises skeletons only
+ it is impossible for neutrals to join
+ using of control magic (dd, tp, fly) is forbidden on M and smaller maps
+ DD is allowed to cast twice on XL+U maps and if hero have exp air. in all other cases DD is allowed only once per day
+ anti hit-n-run
+ at 200% difficulty players start with 2500 gold and 5 ore
+ it is impossible to visit cartographers and hill forts
+ it is impossible to upgrade or recruit the units in castle, which upgrade is forbidden by the Rules. (compatible with HDmod "fast buy" feature)
+ the upgrade of the building in castle is impossible if the upgrade of the unit is forbidden by the Rules.
+ it is forbidden to build necro amplifier.
+ restrictions for using 4-5 lvl spell scrolls without mage guild. ( for HotA is no restrictions, because of technical issues )
+ HotA compatible
+ [v.1.10] dialog



P.S. for M size maps all object settings are enabled and fixed. 2nd level for M maps is random.
value of banned objects does not disappear. all objects are replaced by other with the same value.

+ [v.1.20] dialog



Setup info:
Copy into root Heroes folder archive content. Open HDmod launcher and tune on addition pack of the Mod. Module must be installed both players, otherwise there is no connection.

Save format is changed. so if game was started with this mod, it can be continue only with this mod (or later version).
to avoid a mess - saves made by HW_mod is excluded from default saves list, and if this HW_mod is enabled - You will see only saves, made by this mod.


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