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News Updates 2015-09
Updates 2015-09
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
It happened! Published new version of map editor MMEditor and new patches for Might & Magic 6,7,8 from famous @idgrayface (Sergey Rozhenko, aka GrayFace) !
Now editor support dungeons and outdoor maps.

MMEditor 2.0 - is a rich modding environment for MM6-8, let you edit any map options and create all new maps. For complete correct work needs install MMExtension 2.0 and latest patches from GrayFace, provided games compatibility with new pc operation systems and other useful thinks.

As autor comment, interface temporary and in future must be replaced. Also in plans games core modification for support stretch and rotation textures.

MMExtension 2.0 + MMEditor 2.0
As well, recently was few updates of HD Mod (high resolution mod) for Heroes 3. Do not miss useful fixes.


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