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Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Addons Heroes 3. TSWM: Heroes 2 (0.8.2)
Heroes 3: The Succession Wars (0.8.2)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


H3SW Logo v0.8.1


The Succession Wars Mod
(Total Conversion, ENG)


The Succession Wars Mod - it's total convertion of Heroes of Might and Magic 3, replaced graphics, creatures and objects from Heroes of Might and Magic 2 to HoMM3 core with addition new content.

Started at years 2007-2008 under the guidance of ShinKalu (CHL), mod in active development, gradually acquires omnifarious innovations and improvements. At this moment, team coordinates painter Orzie (RUS)


Early beta version The Succession Wars Mod includes


  1. 6 original castles HoMM2 (Knight, Barbarian, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock, Necromancer)
  2. 1 recreated castle HoMM3 (Witch or "Swamp", in developing castle Inferno)
  3. 1 fully new castle, mostly placed neutral creatures from HoMM2 (nomad)
  4. Full seven-layer bestiary for each castle
  5. 15 new creatures, drawn from scratch + 15 upgrades for them
  6. 20 upgraded creatures forms, without any form in Heroes of Might and Magic II + third upgrade for Golems and Dragons
  7. Composite map objects HoMM2 and HoMM3 (Warriors Grave, School of War and other)
  8. Game interfaces, in "HoMM2: The Succession Wars" style
  9. And many others.


Version 0.8.1 beta The Succession Wars Mod key changes


  1. Fixed crashes due to the triggering of Diplomacy, Eagle Eye
  2. Fixed crash when hovering over the Garden of Crystals
  3. The mechanics of Diplomacy, the effects of the Treasury, Training, Witchcraft, Necromancy correctly fit the description
  4. Fixed WINGRAPH.CPP and Assert violation errors when starting mod
  5. Eliminated crash on the move of AI due to improper handling of the value of parts of the Statue of the Legion
  6. Fixed a bug with the appearance of the Knight detachments when protecting AI-Castles
  7. Introduced the correct mechanics of tuning and buying dragons
  8. The balance of creature banks has been changed
  9. Spell Scrolls now work correctly
  10. All 5 spell levels are now available for all castles
  11. Improved the mechanics of generating creatures on random maps
  12. Added new graphics for a number of map objects and character Finbros
  13. Added new sounds to replace the sounds of Heroes 3
  14. Fixed a bug with the start of the game for the forbidden class of the Heretic
  15. Reduced frequency of occurrences of the Heretic on random maps
  16. Cursed Artifacts (except Arm of the Martyr) can no longer be worn
  17. Changed the schedule of mana and movement graphics
  18. Changed the speed factors of heroes in accordance with the coefficients of Heroes 3
  19. [HD] Added the ability to select an HD template and customize alliances when generating random maps
  20. [HD] HD settings rendered in a separate ini-file in the mod directory
  21. Other changes and improvements


Final version 0.8.2 beta The Succession Wars Mod key changes


  1. Added H2 siege walls and towers for the classic six H2 classes
  2. H2 spell graphics for Cold Ray, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and Armageddon
  3. Improved graphics and additional animation for multiple town screens
  4. 12 new maps converted from across HoMM I, II and III
  5. H2-styled flags for all ships
  6. New creature animations and fixes
  7. Improved HD mod compatibility
  8. Fixed wrong bonus starting resources for Sorceress, Witch and Dervish
  9. Drastically reduced Sorcery skill bonus from 33%/50%/66% to 10%/20%/30%
  10. Overall bug and balance fixes
  11. Music packs with themes from SW, PoL, MIDI and Heroes Orchestra



Final version, from 31.12.2022:
0.8.2 beta, english (679 Mb - RAR self-extract archive)


Version from 01.02.2019:
0.8.1 beta, english (359 Mb - RAR self-extract archive)


Early beta version: 2.58f beta, english (219,8 Mb - 7zip self-extract archive)







Setup Instructions

(for version 0.8.1 beta)

To install, you will need clean Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Shadow of Death or Heroes Complete.

This means that no third-party modifications, including HotA, HD-mod, WoG, LoRD, MoP, ERA or any other, should not be in the game folder. The easiest way to create a separate directory for H3SW.

Attention: Heroes 3 HD-Edition from Ubisoft will NOT suit you!

  1. So, unpack the mod in the game directory of the appropriate version.
  2. Run h3sw.exe for the game and h3swmaped.exe for the map editor.


Setup Instructions

(for version 2.58f beta)


Watch Video (english, on

or read below

For this mod you need the latest version of ERA mod engine (which can be found at this page on our site or at own topic heroescommunity).

1. At first, install ERA over clean SoD or Complete Edition of Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
In your clean SoD ( Shadow of Death ) or Heroes Complete folder, place zipped file in the \mods folder, unzip, and it should extract a folder called 1 H2 Succession Wars. ( Do not rename the file. )

2. Next, in the tools folder created by ERA open Mod Manager folder and run 'modsmann.exe' to enable the mod.

3. You must disable all other mods apart from WoG which should be placed below 1 H2 Succession Wars Mod. Complete screenshot.

4. Run h3era go to 'New Game' and press 'Options' button. Move to the bottom, and in 'Custom Scripts' you can see options made specifically for this mod. Make sure that the option 'Necessary Succession Wars Mod Script' is checked. The other options in Custom Scripts choose for your vision.

P.S. Do not choose castle "Heretic", because it's under construction yet.



(for version 2.58f beta)




Official site (ENG, rare updates)
 Working forum (ENG)
vk Vkontakte group (RUS)
"Moddb" pages


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