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Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Addons Heroes 3. Master of Puppets (3.07)
Heroes 3: Master of Puppets (3.07)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   



Master of Puppets (MoP) – mod with addon elements, creation based on last version of WoG 3.58f – legendary addon, placed begin of active modding for Heroes 3.
Mod created for random maps and directed to quality change the game, turn difficulty to more hard, but more interesting, then original. МоP partialy support and upgrade traditions dual predecessors, much popular now – ТЕ (Tournament Edition) and Phoenix-Mod , but complete presented other, game with own original features.
Mod created for SinglePlayer and Hot-Seat game only. There is no TCP/IP multiplayer.

Version 1.0 ("Seek & Destroy")

Setup: SoD/Complete -> WoG 3.58f -> Russify -> MoP.
It can be installed over any mod, based on WoG 3.58f, with full saving functional last one.
Delete: run "MoPuninstall.bat" from root path.


Necessarily after setup install patch 1.1, then 1.2 and then 1.3. Also in archive here file "DLL", it needs to place game folder for better compatible with new OSes.


Version 2.0 ("Ride The Lightning")


For setup unpack SFX-archive into the folder your version of Heroes 3. It can be SoD, Complete Edition, WoG, TE and some other addons and mods. Installed, mod dosn't change or delete other resources, or conflict run original game and addons.
Don't try to install mod over "Restoration of Erathia" (RoE) or Armageddons Blade (AB) !


Version 3.07 ("Battery")


OS required: Windows xp or newer, Wine or ExaGear
CPU architecture: SSE2
Unpack archive to SoD/Complete/WoG/TE/ERA/HotA folder and newer addons. For any language of the game.

Don't try to install mod over other version Master of Puppets ! Delete previous installation !
Changes list (TXT, RUS, 9 Kb)
Attention! 3rd version sometimes detected as deleterius object, therefore add file/folder with addon/game into exceptions, and switch off antivirus for installation time. Sources on mmgames received not from official website (hacked), but from official "Vkontakte" group (RUS). It's safe.




  1. Final Installer Master of Puppets: Battery v3.07 (168 Mb, self-extract archive)


Previous versions

  1. Master of Puppets: Seek & Destroy v1.3 (111.86 Mb, Zip-archive)

  2. Official russian guide (1.47 Mb, PDF-document, RUS only)


Screenshots (RUS version)



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